Advantages of Oxinium Knee Replacement

Published: 10th January 2011
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Apart from different types of osteoporosis, cartilage defects, torn ligament or meniscus can also lead to excruciating pain in the knee joints. Generally, inflammation or severe pain in the knee joint happens due to the wear and tear of its weight-bearing parts. That is why such problem occurs in the aging patients only. In the early stage, medication and limited physical exercises are suggested to cure or at least mitigate the severity of the pain and facilitate easy movement. But in the advanced stage, knee replacement is the only way to treat the ailment.

Replacement of knee is a surgical remedy that replaces the damaged weight-bearing parts of the knee joints to relieve the patients of the pain and also make their movement easier. Knee replacement is of two types total and partial. An expert and experienced surgeon always takes multiple factors into account such as a patient's age, lifestyle and the degree of damage to decide the mode of operation for a typical patient. Statistical data has revealed the fact that the success of the total knee replacement is significantly higher in case of the elder patients as compared to the younger ones. Now it is a good news for the younger patients that a new type of total replacement has been introduced of late. This method, known as Oxinium replacement uses a new kind of prosthesis, made of durable Zirconium material to ensure the longevity of the artificial joints after implantation. Invention and implementation of the new method will definitely encourage the young patients to go for knee replacement in future.

There are some major advantages of using Zirconium prosthesis. The prime reason is it is harder as compared to the other implants. Several trials have confirmed its tremendous weight-bearing capacity. It is also capable of putting sufficient resistance against the outside scratch. Zirconium, the alloy used in this knee replacement is finely coated with ceramic that helps it gain smoother motion over plastic. Such an easy gliding over plastic is not possible in case of metallic implant. Smooth motion ensures less friction and lesser generation of plastic debris over a long stretch of time. That is why Oxinium knee replacement guarantees the durability of the knee implant. Being a compatible element for the human being, Zirconium implant can perfectly match with a man's immune system. In the majority of the knee replacement, cobalt chrome is used as the implant. But many patients are allergic to this implant due to its nickel content. Zirconium, having no nickel as ingredient, can be safely used for them.

It has been already said that the young patients earn the greatest benefits from such knee replacement. But apart from them, the sportsmen who want to get back to the fields as soon as possible, also stand to gain from Oxinium replacement. Sports after Total Joints is a serious problem for many sportsmen. After undergoing such implant, they can easily return to their active lifestyle. The Oxinium knee implant is definitely a better solution for the professional dancers who are involved in strenuous activities and need to put much stress on the knee joints. The ability of Zirconium alloy to withstand the pressure and high level of activities ensures the long time span of the new knee joints.

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